Meet Raylan, he's a great little guy but he was born with some issues. Even in the womb he was 'Frank Breech", which is a bad way to be when you're a baby. Butt down, legs and head up. He also had a click in his hip. He had several other issues, but the reason he was brought in was "Infantile Colic". His mother had tried everything, even went to Shand Hospital. They recommended a chiropractor! Turns out that chiropractic in one study, had a 94% success rate with treating colic.
Of course we've known this for a century or more!
BTW, Raylan spends his time playing with his toes now, instead of screaming and fussing!

This is me adjusting Raylan. As you can see it is incredibly gentle... and effective. This was his 3rd adjustment, the colic is almost gone, baby feels, looks and acts entirely different than he did during first visit.