Spinal Decompression Therapy:

Herniated Disc? Bulging Disc? Sciatica? Chronic Low Back or Neck Pain?Tingling or numbness in the arms, legs or feet?

Spinal Decompression Therapy Table

Spinal Decompression, it can help you, too!

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Spinal Decompression Therapy or sometimes referred to as Spinal Decompression Traction, is a computer assisted axial traction device that is purposefully designed to help your body repair bulging or herniated discs. Having a very high success rate, spinal decompression has been in use for decades around the world. It uses a computer to sense the amount of traction that is being exerted on the patient so that if muscles relax or tighten the machine adapts to that. This allows the body to relax and the therapeutic decompression of the involved disc has it's best opportunity to heal.

Why Does Spinal Decompression Work?

Spinal Decompression works by hydrodynamics. In other words, by the pressures in the fluid in our body. Discs are filled with a viscous gel substance call the 'nucleus pulposus', normally this gel sits centered in the middle of a disc with layers or 'belts' of ligamentous tissue to contain it. Together, with healthy facet joints, they allow the spine to bend and move. They also protect the spinal cord and all of the spinal nerve roots. When this gel becomes dislocated from the center of the disc due to damage to the ligamentous belts, it forms a bulge. This is what is called a bulging disc. When all 7 layers of the ligamentous belts break, the gel is allowed outside of the disc. This is called a herniation or herniated disc. This can have devastating affects on the spinal cords and/or spinal nerve roots. Spinal decompression works by slowly pumping the traction back and forth between full and half of the set traction for you. This creates a negative pressure in the disc and helps to pull the gel back to the center of the disc. It also helps to pull more nutrients and moisture into the disc and that will speed healing. Utilized with corrective chiropractic care and laser therapy, over time the disc will continue to heal and remodel itself.

I'm Doing Spinal Decompression Therapy, How Long Until I Feel Better?

Honestly, everyone is different. However, as a guideline, most people are feeling better within the first few visits. For most it is likely that it slowly improves but for many, it is almost immediate relief. Keep in mind it actually takes MONTHS for a disc to heal. Likely it will always be a 'weak spot' but with proper care, nutrition, and some strengthening exercises it doesn't have to be.

What if Spinal Decompression doesn't work?

Though rare, the honest truth it that NOTHING works 100% of the time. It's unfortunate but true. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has dramatically reduced this number in our office, but there are cases that do not completely resolve. Out of these, most will be at a tremendously more livable level, with some maintenance necessary to remain pain free. On the few that are not helped, it does not prevent you from having spinal surgery should it be necessary. Though rare, there will always be some cases that too far damaged.