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Pills To The Left Of Me, Scalpels To The Right, Here I Am Stuck In The Middle With You

Written By Moss Chiropractic of Inverness on September 22, 2017

We have a serious pill problem in this country. We've been advertised to for decades that it is okay for you to take a pill for literally anything that ails you. Heartburn? Take a purple pill or Zantac or Pepcid or whatever. We're basically told dozens of times a night that we shouldn't take responsibility for our health by say, taking some digestive enzymes to help digest all of that garbage you called food that is still sitting in your stomach like a brick. In the case of acid reflux and indigestion it's rarely caused by too much acid, rather it's actually not enough or WEAK acid that is keeping your stomach from digesting the food you just ate. This then creates GERD or other problems over time. It's NOT a lack of Tums, Rolaids, or whatever else you have been told that it is.
Nobody tells you that headaches and migraines are actually neurological events that are most commonly caused by the nerves in you neck! It's not a lack of Tylenol (causes liver damage), ibuprofen (causes kidney damage), or aspirin (causes bleeding ulcers). It's none of those, nor is it a lack of Imitrex, Topamax, or Fioricet. NOPE, migraines are not and never have been caused by a lack of pharmaceutical drugs - unless we're talking about detoxing. The nerves in your upper cervical region control vast areas of blood vessels on, around and in the head and brain. They control and coordinate nearly everything in your body in reality. They are also almost always the cause AND cure for migraines and headaches. There are a few other things that can cause them, but it usually comes down to blood flow OR cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow.
So I wrote all of that to say this:
Brainwashing by the pharmaceutical industry is at fault here. Back in the mid 90's advertising by the pharmaceutical industry DIRECTLY TO THE CONSUMER (you and me) was made legal. YEP, now you didn't have to wait for a doctor to tell you that a certain drug may help you, now you could just walk in to the doctors office and ask for the drug you saw on TV. In fact, many DEMANDED it. It didn't matter that without a medical degree you had no idea whether it was a good idea or not. This then led to a ridiculous amount of pressure on the MD's to just go ahead and prescribe that drug. Of course the pharmaceutical reps were busy convincing the MD's that they were now helping them by making sure patients came storming through the doors - adding revenue. It didn't hurt that they would send the docs to a super cool, exclusive vacation get away for prescribing a truck load of their latest drug.
Fast forward 21 years and literally BILLIONS of dollars every year spent on pharmaceutical drug advertising and you get what we have now. People who are sicker than ever, taking more drugs than ever, leading a life of misery and STILL expecting that the next drug will be the one for them.
Did you know that diabetes type II is reversible? YEP, bet you've never heard that little bit of information. Oh, the diabetics are told to follow the diabetic diet and that will keep their blood sugar in good shape - but it doesn't. In fact, it just continues the course of the disease. Why have we never been told it's reversible? Well, there just isn't any money in telling you to change your diet and lose weight. Instead you're told that if you do eat cake or pie you should just take an extra shot or pill. INSANITY.
Last week I was in the grocery store and I spy on other people's carts. This gentleman who obviously was a severe diabetic with very swollen legs, dark red and crusty, with obvious signs of diabetes all about him had a cart that was literally STUFFED with food that will absolutely cause diabetes. I'm sure he had his 'pen' on him just in case. The only healthy thing in his cart was some red wine. Probably $200 bucks of just pure poison. It really made me sad.
I could go on and on and on...
Lets go to illegal prescription drugs now for pain that is likely curable, but again there isn't any money in curing the pain or referring the patient to a chiropractor for help. Instead, they're referred to pain management and when pain management then creates an addict, they often cut them off. This now creates the market for the illegal drugs. I'm not saying the pain management docs are 'in on it', it's just a ridiculous chain of events that is pretty obvious. Check out the following article; 1 million - ONE MILLION! Oxycontin end up on the black market. Folks, this is from 2008 and this was only ONE pill mill. In reality, there are MILLIONS of Oxycontin ending up in the hands of our children, addicts and criminals.
"There were 53 million oxycodone prescriptions filled in 2013 by US pharmacies, according to NIDA. This translates to approximately one bottle of this addictive drug for every 6 people in the country."
You think Big Pharma doesn't know this will happen? The profit to them for 1 million of these pills is HUGE! Think of the other millions that were 'properly prescribed'. It's just maddening.
Here's a little more that you don't know because it doesn't sell drugs:
Sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg pain, arm pain... nearly all of these are caused by irritated nerves in the spine - caused by bones in the spine that are no longer moving correctly and are now choking the nerves, causing pain and problems wherever that nerve goes.
Show Me A Pill That Can Move Those Bones Off Of The Nerve!
This is what a chiropractor does ALL DAY LONG, it's why we have a 91% success rate, it's why patients love us. We Get People Better - WITHOUT drugs or surgery.
So what do you do? Find a great chiropractor, check out deep tissue laser therapy. Look into the alternatives before the 'mainstream' kills you.
If you would like my help, contact us at 352 419 6548 or go online to Here you'll find a lot more information and new patient special that even makes it a little more affordable to find out if I can help you.

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