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Peripheral Neuropathy: Demystified

Who Is Affected By Peripheral Neuropathy?

Approximately 10% of the United States' population, both men and women, is affected right now! That's over 30 Million people who are suffering horribly with this debilitating disease process.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

In short, it is the microcirculation in your periphery or farthest most points of your body that is dying. As the blood vessels are damaged more and more by either Diabetes, Chemotherapy, or Idiopathic processes (central canal stenosis, subluxation of the spine, etc). No matter how the neuropathy started, the cause is the same, death of the capillaries/microcirculation in the extremities.

Since that IS the cause, how is a pill that makes you not feel this process supposed to heal it? It DOESN'T! Neither do the drugs that kill the pain (sort of) and burning.

What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

Diabetes, Chemotherapy, and Idiopathic are the 3 most common causes of neuropathy. All three of these - using different vectors - damage and destroy the blood circulation surround the nerves. All three create the microcirculation deficite and the nerves become diseased and begin to die.

Why The Drugs Aren't Working?

No big surprise here, drugs aren't able to heal neuropathy - only mask the symptoms. Nothing has been cured in over 70 years, only 'treated'. Most peripheral neuropathy sufferers will readily tell you that the 'treatment' doesn't work very well. You cannot treat the fire alarm to put out a fire. Pain, burning, etc are ALL symptoms of a greater disease process that is occuring. You cannot fix neuropathy by treating only the symptoms. No, you MUST go after the cause.

What We Can Do To Help Peripheral Neuropathy?

The short answer? LOTS! But we have to match the cause with the cure. We cannot use a square block in a round hole, it's really that simple. By utilizing a 5 pronged approach to neuropathy, each addressing a separate area of your health to stop and even reverse Peripheral Neuropathy in MOST cases. Our technique has a staggering success rate across the nation with hundreds of doctors and THOUSANDS of patients.

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For decades the treatment of neuropathy has mostly centered around keeping the patient comfortable and not much more. Nearly EVERYONE with neuropathy is given Neurontin/Gabapentin in ever increasing doses until they die. They are given pain killers in ever increasing doses - also until they die because nothing they are taking so far even addresses the cause. Sure other drugs are being used, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, etc. None of these address the cause either.

Have you ever tried to make a splinter stop hurting - WITHOUT removing the splinter? How did that work out? This is nearly the same approach that our modern sick care system uses!