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Motion X-Rays Surpass MRIs and CT Scans for Medical Imaging

X Ray Medical Imaging The medical success of motion x-rays has placed it in the top five list of FDA-approved medical imaging methods, beating both the MRI and CT scan. It performs so well that motion x-rays make it possible for Medicare to cover related chiropractic care.

Motion x-rays excel at providing a wealth of information chiropractors can evaluate and formulate the best treatment plan for healing. Moss Chiropractic of Inverness is excited to offer this technological service for the best possible injury care.

Motion X-Rays: More Than Just a Snapshot

The greatest advantage motion x-rays offer is their ability to capture abnormal range of motion, a predictor of soft-tissue injuries. It also tells a chiropractor how stable your spine is, and serves as a warning of where your spine is in danger of coming out of alignment.

Motion x-rays provide injury information MRIs and CTs can’t. The latter excel at imaging discs and nerves while motion x-rays also capture ligaments. Instead of just knowing there’s an injury present, motion x-rays show what the injury is and how it’s affecting the body. This more clearly and accurately identifies injury sites, and helps doctors pick the perfect treatment protocol.

Motion x-rays also gather information traditional x-rays can miss, like compression fractures. Said fractures often get lost in the mass of white displayed in a traditional x-ray, making them harder to spot.

Motion x-rays also emit less radiation, making them pediatric-grade and good for imaging necks, extremities and the jaw joint.

Get the 4 View X-Ray High Tech Touch at Moss Chiropractic

Dr. Brett Moss, a second-generation chiropractor, practices several techniques, including Thompson Terminal Point and Koren Specific Technique. He wholeheartedly believes a large portion of his job is to keep his patients OUT of surgery and OFF medications when possible.

We accomplish all of the above in part because of our 4 View Motion X-Ray technology. Not all chiropractors utilize it, making us more accurate in our diagnoses and treatments, thus making us the better health choice.

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