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Authentic Patient Testimonials

Life-Changing Stories

Moss Chiropractic of Inverness FL has helped patients all over Citurs County find relief from their chronic neck and back pain. And our patients are just like you. Before their neck or back pain set in, they were active, happy individuals who enjoyed spending time with family and friends. And similar to you, they were afraid of what the true cause of their back pain was and wondered if it really was possible for them to feel better again. You can learn more about who our patients are, here in their patient testimonials.

"Dr. Moss is awesome! I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in my neck causing extreme pain and violent muscle spasms constantly. The regular practice is to push you right in for surgery which I was not keen on. I sought out a less invasive treatment for this where after diligent research, found Dr. Moss. After an initial consultation and examination, he worked out a plan for me, then set right to adjusting that same day to try to bring me some relief. Within 2 weeks the pain had greatly subsided and after a few more treatments of decompression, laser therapy and adjustments, the palsy like symptoms were gone also! He's the man! I continued seeing Dr. Moss to maintain the improvement he made and to fine tune a few other minor problems I had".
"Dr. Moss is a life saver for me and I continue to see him for occasional aches and pains that I bring on myself, LOL. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Moss for anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care! He's very reasonable, professional and personable."
~David D.
"OK you be the judge I live in New Port Richey one hour and 27 minutes from him for the last 10 business days I’ve gone for 10 visits ! why would I drive that far if he was a fantastic doctor end of story... even came in on his day off to help me..Way above and beyond what he needed to do...."
~Robert J.
"A good friend referred me to Dr. Brett several years ago after I had a bad experience dealing with another Chiropractor. All I can say is WOW, what a difference! Dr. Brett is very knowledgeable and personable. He takes his time and makes sure to explain what your specific issue is and knows how to fix it. I feel like Dr. Brett truly cares about each patient's health and isn't just in it for the money, unlike other chiropractors. If you or someone you know is hurting and looking for real results, do yourself (or them) a favor and see Dr. Brett at Moss Chiropractic in Inverness! You won't be disappointed."
~Jeff A
"I recommend Moss I can't believe the difference he has brought to my family! My son was born with many complications. Colic was one of them! Every evening at 6pm without fail he was like an alarm he would go from fussy baby to to screaming baby! He would scream from 6pm to 10pm on a good day and on a bad day till 2am. I had tried everything at this point! I MEAN EVERYTHING! You ask us and we have bought it, and/or tried it. My last thing to try "becaues I was sceptical" was achiropractor and Mr. Moss had reached out to me. I was told by few friends that I should take and have him adjusted. I didn't listen until shans hospital recommended it. Boy I sure wish I would have listened sooner. We can not believe how much this has helped our 8 week old baby. As I sit here the Sound of Silence fills the room! He's fast asleep..... He is now sleeping in spans of 3 to 4 hours during the night and is so much more happier during the day. His smiles have become more often which melts my heart! There is so much more that has improved since seeing Mr. Moss! So if your wondering if it's safe or if it will work stop questioning it and just do it! I promise it's so worth it! My heart is full now.
Thanks so much for helping my son! This evening me and my husband sat on the couch just looking at our son. He was so content, so at peace we cried....."
~Monica M
"Who knew a chiropractor could bring pain relief to our dogs. I have several doxies in the family and one was suffering with pain & even had a knot on his back. Moss Chiropractic to the rescue. He adjusted the dog & he had almost instant relief. He was no longer walking sideways w/limp. So happy my furbabies have someone who can relieve their pain w/out medication. Thank you Moss're a furbabies best friend & mine."
~Evelyn M. B.
"I have been seeing Brett Moss for seven years, used the laser treatment with good results, am never unhappy after my adjustments and his methods of adjustments, I like very much his knowledge of vitamin usage and diet, he continues to educate and stay up on new and old results for helping his patients, thank you dr.Brett for your personality and talents in caring for your patient's"
~Sherry S.
"I had a great experience at Moss Chiropractic. Dr Moss was very friendly and thorough, he also gave me some advice on a matter unrelated to chiropractic with great results. I will definitely be back to see him if I have another issue."
~Linda F. K.